9 Limiting Beliefs to Avoid


  • FeelBetter2day Reply

    Thanks – these are excellent limiting beliefs to address. Once you let them go, you will feel a huge weight lifted, and it becomes much easier to focus on your goals. Releasing these beliefs is the most important thing you can do for yourself.

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      Gary B Cohen Reply

      It seems like this is territory you know. Can you give us some insights that you have experienced?

      • FeelBetter2day Reply

        I’d be happy to. Because limiting beliefs are locked in your subconscious, that is where they need to be addressed. I use the ZPoint Process to communicate with your subconscious, and source the limiting beliefs while you relax – so it’s easy as well as peaceful.

        This means that they’re released permanently, and when you recall them in future, they no longer affect you. Words and willpower alone involve a lot of struggle, while I’ve found everyone who is ready for change can do so, no matter what their limiting belief.

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      Gary B Cohen Reply

      It sounds like you have done this work. What was your process?

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    Amr Tawfik Abou Ward Reply

    Thanks for this Great practical advice.

    I do believe that it is all about limiting your life and
    your perceptions to what you see yourself, without having others’ prospective, looking
    to yourself differently will definitely give you more ways to understand yourself and have better approach for better life.

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    Dilshad Reply

    Thanks! like points 3,8 and 9 very much.

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    Kathryn Meltzer Reply

    I truely miss all the celebrations we had when growing up. I often find I am the only one at home planning the celebrations. I’m going to keep doing it, and start inviting others to join in beyond family. Celebrations are necessary rituals to mark the passing of time and the expression of effort.

  • Gary Winters Reply

    An excellent list, Gary. It’s hard to say which one is most important, but I feel that if a person starts with “Stop believing that everyone cares about everything you say and do” he’d be more effective as an employee, a manager … or just more effective and less worried in general.

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