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About CO2 Partners

"Gary's thoughts about leadership have the promise to help leaders on the front line be much more effective. Asking questions is not just about decision making it is what leaders use to lead!"

- Retired General Jack Chain

Executive Coaching

The CO2 Partners Executive Coaching Team

CO2 Partners share real-world leadership and business experience to help people and organizations become high-performing and fully engaged.  As the largest experience-based executive coaching and leadership development firm in the region, we bring a wealth of knowledge and bench strength to individual, team, organizational and succession planning issues.

Five words clients often attribute to our coaches are:  Entrepreneurial, questioning, creative, grounded and innovative.  We welcome the opportunity to share our experiences. To learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, feel free to contact any of us:

Executive Coach Gary Cohen

Gary Cohen - Founder CO2Partners

In 1987 Gary co-founded a company with $4,000 in start-up money. During the start-up phase Gary and his business partner hired a consultant to guide them through the process. Though the consultant charged more money than the two partners were making at the time, they made the investment because they recognized the value of expert advice.
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Executive Coach John LeTourneau

John LeTourneau - Entrepreneurial coach

The track for John's career has a sound foundation rooted deeply in the retail grocery industry. With a background that draws from an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to model successful markets in an ever increasingly consolidating and competitive industry, John has operated his own business for fifteen years.
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Executive Coach Doreen Frankel

Doreen Frankel - Executive Coach

Doreen Frankel is a certified coach and management consultant in the areas of organization and employee development. She applies her experience and understanding of organizations to leadership and executive coaching.
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Executive Coach Calvin Guyer

Calvin Guyer - Executive Coach

Calvin Guyer developed his unique frame of reference as an executive coach through nearly three decades of military and corporate service. He has worked on highly complex engineering projects, as a financial advisor with Piper Jaffray and Merrill Lynch, and most recently in executive leadership as Resident Director for a Merrill Lynch office and Vice President of Think Mutual Bank where he led the Investment Services Department.
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Executive Coach Tim Dorman

Tim Dorman - Executive Coach

Timothy Dorman, offers executive coaching and leadership team advisory services to global companies and institutions around the world. He delivers leadership development programs in affiliation with the Authentic Leadership Institute, and in that capacity has been an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Advanced Management Program at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He also is a Visiting Scholar at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut and Alumni Coach at Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies.

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image