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Executive Coach Jane Nakken

My mentor, my coach, my guiding influence; Jane Nakken is all of these and more. She has inspired in me all the things that I am today at Hazelden.

-William Cope Moyers
Vice President, Hazelden Foundation
Author of Broken: My Story of Addiction and Redemption

In 25 years of working in this field, I've met very few consultants with Jane's exquisite blend of toughness, wisdom and acceptance. Jane has the rare ability to project a thoroughly professional presence while remaining personable and approachable. People are immediately comfortable working with her and confident in her knowledge and skills.

-Stephen Ward
President, SWA Consulting

So often the best laid plans in community building/change efforts die without the original launch resources. Jane not only helps leaders innovate, she makes sure they are equipped to thrive.

-Connie Hilliard
Formerly with PDI

Jane Nakken

Leadership Coach

"Our rapidly changing world makes new demands on leaders every day, and we all want to welcome the challenges with minds and hearts open in order to create our best futures for ourselves and those around us. It's what we can contribute to making the world a better place. We aspire to be leaders who can transform our workplaces and our lives for the best possible futures--futures we may not yet have envisioned--and for that, we must do the work of transforming ourselves."

"Leaders exist at all levels in organizations, and rising to the top--while creating a personal life we love--is an exciting journey filled with the joys and pains of personal transformation. It's not work for the faint of heart, and it's not work we can accomplish in isolation. Excellent leaders have coaches." Jane's fascination with coaching personal change began as she counseled people suffering with addictions into lives of recovery and growth; she recognized that profound change not only possible, but rewarding in all areas of our lives. Jane has coached many leaders to find their unique authentic and powerful influence, develop their talents and skills, recognize their dreams and navigate the practical and political paths to leading change and creating new opportunities for themselves and their organizations.

Her interest in managing change--in ourselves and in our environments--continued as she applied her skills to developing programs, changing public policy, and leading national coalitions. The many programs she has started have found their markets and continue to thrive, accomplishing their purposes. The leaders she has coached consistently find themselves happier with their work and its place in their lives, promoted into positions as managers, executives and presidents of organizations.

Today, Jane is an accomplished leader, educator, author, innovator and change agent. As an executive vice president of the world-renowned Hazelden Foundation prior to 2002, she earned an international reputation for her leadership in the addictions treatment field. She coaches, teaches and consults internationally and has seventeen published works with over 2.5 million books sold. She holds a B.A. in child psychology, an M.A. in health and human services administration, and her doctorate in Organization Change is from Pepperdine University, 2000.

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Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image