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Gary B. Cohen

Managing Partner – CO2 Partners, LLC

Gary is famous for asking; he wrote the book on it.  He probes his clients with the only kind of questions that can produce change: unexpected ones.  From the client’s answers,  this dedicated Minneapolis leadership coach offers not just insights but alternative courses of action.

“There always are several good roads to Rome,” he says.  “The key is to identify the one that best fits both your head and heart.” And he focuses on Rome–and not the possible curves in the road–for a simple reason: most obstacles are artificial, and the rest are in our heads.  “Clear your head,” he has said, “and the obstacles disappear.” This may explain why Gary’s clients call him “eccentric in exactly the right way.”  He knows that unusual success comes from unusual approaches, and–as Gary often has said, “I never have met a client who wanted to be ordinary.”

CEO experience: Managing Partner and Co-founder of CO2 Partners, LLC in 2004 an Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Firm. Founded ACI in 1989 with $4,000 and two employees, then grew 48 percent compounded annually for 12 years to over 2,200 employees and went public on the NASDAQ; Venture Magazine’s Top 10 Best Performing Businesses; and Business Journal’s 25 Fastest Growing Small Public Companies and Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

Board memberships: All Kinds of Minds, Harvard Alumni Club of Minnesota, IC Systems, Inc., Richfield Bank, ACI, Telecentrics,, Outward Bound National Advisory, HBS Alumni Club of Minnesota (Past President), Minnesota Zoo Foundation among others.

Author: Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions (McGraw Hill 2009); articles for Business Week, Leader to Leader, and Forbes.

Clients: Unilever, Intel, Genentech, MetLife, Thermo-Fisher, and 100 -plus entrepreneur-led businesses.

Education: University of Minnesota (B.A); Harvard Business School; Covey Leadership Center; Disney Leadership Institute; and Aspen Institute Crown Fellow. Want to know more about Gary’s approach to leadership and life? Read his blog, Elements of Leadership.

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Doreen Frankel, Ph. D.

Executive Coach

Doreen Frankel is a certified coach and management consultant in the areas of organization and employee development. She applies her experience and understanding of organizations to leadership and executive coaching, making her an executive coach Minneapolis business leaders can rely on to provide personal solutions. As a consultant, she has developed competency models, strengthened leadership teams, designed work processes and created organization-wide training plans and implementation strategies. She has held a variety of corporate positions including responsibilities in finance, marketing and human resources. As an Adjunct Professor, Dr. Frankel has taught Management in the MBA program at the University of Hartford, School of Business. Doreen has served in leadership positions on several non-profit boards in the Twin Cities.

To maximize your own capabilities and to learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, call 612-928-4747 for a risk-free consultation or Contact Online.


Tim Dorman

Executive Coach

Timothy Dorman, offers executive coaching and leadership team advisory services to global companies and institutions around the world. He delivers leadership development programs in affiliation with the Authentic Leadership Institute, and in that capacity has been an Adjunct Faculty Member of the Advanced Management Program at Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He also is a Visiting Scholar at the Olayan School of Business at the American University of Beirut and Alumni Coach at Stanford Institute for Innovation in Developing Economies.

Tim brings an effective blend of general management experience in publicly held companies, twenty-five years of executive coaching and consulting, and nine years of corporate human resource management. He has coached senior executives and leadership teams in a wide range of industries including high technology, consumer products, health care, financial services and manufacturing. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer of Korn/Ferry International’s Leadership Coaching and Development Group and, prior to that, as Group Executive Vice President for Right Management Consultants where he led a $40 million career management and organizational consulting business. He also served as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Outplacement International and as a Director with Spencer Stuart, a leading international executive search firm.

Tim’s corporate experience includes managing corporate human resources in the banking, telecommunications and biotechnology industries. He has managed human resources throughout Asia for Bank of America, rolled out a new business venture in Latin America, recruited in Europe and assisted in the start-up of a telecommunications joint venture between ROLM and IBM in the United Kingdom.

He received his MBA from Stanford University with concentrations in organizational behavior and marketing, and a BA from Williams College.

Tim is President of the Human Resource Strategy Forum. He also has served as a member of the Executive Coaching Advisory Board of the Conference Board and as Strategic Advisor to the Board of Directors of Our Good Works, a national volunteer initiative inspired by President Obama.

To maximize your own capabilities and to learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, contact Timothy online.

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John LeTourneau

Executive Coach

John LeTourneau is an Executive Leadership Coach and Partner with CO2 Partners LLC of Minneapolis.  He credits his coaching success to being able to leverage a diverse set of experiences as a business owner and sales and marketing specialist. Prior to becoming an executive coach, John was the national marketing representative of the year for Wyeth, a Fortune 200 consumer products company. He also operated his own retail grocery business for fifteen years, grew revenue at double-digit rates, and sustained above industry benchmark operational profits, while doubling the workforce head count. 

Having successfully built and sold his company, John now shares his in-the-trenches experience with clients. His clients’ range from leaders in IT companies, retail and service organizations, to manufacturing firms. John prides himself on his ability to view opportunities from an elevation, whether it’s scaling a business, supporting development of a sales and marketing process, strategically aligning stakeholders, or improving organizational culture and communication. 

John has a BS in Management and Finance from the College of Business, St. Cloud State University. He is an elected official for the City of Ramsey, seated on the board of directors for Achieve Services, as well as a commissioner serving the strategic direction of Quad Cities Community Television. He is active within civic organizations as well, including Rotary International, Lions, and Anoka Area Chamber of Commerce (where he previously served as chairman of the board).

To maximize your own capabilities and to learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, contact John online.

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Mark Feil

Executive Coach

Mark has spent his entire career building winning organizations in technology.  His background includes senior leadership positions within F500’s and small private companies; he has also started his own technology solutions practice.  In each of those settings, Mark has exceeded corporate financial goals, grown revenue, and contained expenses.  Whether working for a large technology company, or a small start-up, he has never failed to be recognized as number 1 among his peers.

Mark’s approach is to use a combination of mathematical and statistical analysis, sound business practices, psychology of selling and buying, and creative technology solutions.  By combining these disciplines, new ways of approaching problems create environments that allow for accelerated productivity.  The approach can be summed up this way:  “I change the game, write rules for the new game, then beat the competition at a game they didn’t know they were playing, using rules they didn’t know existed.”

As Vice President of Sales at telecommunications providers Global Crossing and Broadwing, Mark was recognized as the highest producing sales leader in the world, landing numerous multi-million dollar global network contracts.  Clients included Ford Motor Company, 3M, Daimler Chrysler, and ACI Telecentrics.   During his tenure, Mark was awarded Chairman’s Club, President’s Club, and multiple Quarterly Achiever’s Circle awards.

In 2003, Mark co-founded WanConnex LLC, a consulting firm specializing in technology, sales, and marketing.  A self-funded venture, Mark and his partner achieved profitability within the first year; and double digit CAGR revenue growth for 5 subsequent years.  Upon selling WanConnex in 2009, Mark became General Manager at XO.  Within 15 months, he turned a flat revenue market into the highest growth market for 2 years, running 19% and 22% sequential revenue expansion.   He then led the Data Center and Cloud Technology business, a $100M revenue stream, once again creating a team that over-achieved and finished 2014 at 135% to plan.

Mark joined CO2 in January of 2015 and brings a unique approach to sales, marketing, and technology.  As someone that has actually been in the trenches, lying awake thinking about hitting quota, he brings a very pragmatic, focused approach based on real life, real world experience.  Whether it’s using funnel management tools, sales training, or performance improvement plans, or creating winning sales teams, Mark’s methods have proven to out-sell, out-grow, and out-motivate his competition.

Mark has a BA in Mathematics (emphasis on Probability and Statistics) from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

To maximize your own capabilities and to learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, call 612-812-1770 for a risk-free consultation or contact Mark online.

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