Praise from Clients

CO2 Partners helps business leaders develop the skills to thrive. Don’t just take our word for it — read our executive coaching testimonials to learn more about our expertise.

Gary has the unique ability to focus in and pinpoint the actual issue at hand—the one that lurks below the surface-level symptoms. By being able to accurately articulate the issue, the resolution(s) seem a lot more clear.

Amy Langer and John Folkestad
Co-Founders, SALO

Gary’s “Just Ask” approach helps others assume responsibility and frees me to focus on the areas that truly require my attention. This approach has helped elevate thinking throughout our organization, including my own.

Ken Clark
Founder/CEO, 1-800-Translate

It’s remarkable how we were able to cut through barriers and design a plan to execute. When you’ve been in a business for a long time, you sometimes need another perspective or, in the case of CO2, someone to ask the tough questions.

Howard Paster
CEO Paster Properties

“I was surprised by how many of my YPO colleagues were already working with them and with outstanding results. Now we are too.”

Steve Gullickson
President & CEO, MGK

” CO2 brought to our organization the ability to untangle our weekly lives in the business and step back to work “on” our business by guiding and stretching our team to look at the “bigger picture”. Not only did Gary and his team help align our strategy to our purpose, but he also mentored the leadership team through numerous challenges giving us the tools and confidence to tackle any issues. Our organization would not have catapulted into success at the rapid pace if we didn’t have CO2 helping lay the guide rails to stay laser focused to hit our dream. “

Ken Schempp
CEO of eDocument and Sr. Executive Databank

“We’d been in business for about 15 years prior to doing strategic planning with Gary and his team from CO2. The direction, clarity, communication and, most importantly, the buy-in from our company’s leadership has been priceless. We follow the CO2 way of planning every year.”

David Burley
CEO of Blue Plate Restaurant Company

I have to admit, there are days when I think ‘I just can’t do this!’—but after every meeting with Gary I come away with ideas that inspire me to avoid procrastination and move forward. I would recommend him and CO2 to anyone seeking an executive coach.

Alicia Carr
CEO, Kelco Supply Co.

[CO2’s] business success is matched by [their] compassion in service to others. With the help of Gary and CO2, you can be ‘Outward Bound’ to high performance and personal leadership.

John Read
President, Outward Bound

Our company was a fast-growing, entrepreneurial-based business that had started to grow out of control and needed structure. Gary helped us firmly establish our mission, vision, and objectives; define and build an accountable culture; hire a President & VP of Finance who fit perfectly in that culture; and create a 3-5 year strategic plan. More than anything, I love the fact that Gary works with us in a way that allows us to answer our own questions and, therefore, better prepares us for the future. It has been a remarkable time in our company, and I am convinced we would not be here today had we not met Gary Cohen!

Rick Gilbert
CEO, 247 Express Logistics

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