Becoming a Leader (Part 11)


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      Gary B Cohen Reply

      I spent some time on your site. I thought I was provocative. How do you stop from staying only on the dark side?

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        ankurmithal Reply

        Thank you for visiting the site. Not sure what you mean by the “dark side”. If you are referring to the satirical language, I see it as a technique to get a point across.
        For instance, in the post I linked, the line

        “1. Are you willing to lie shamelessly to your colleagues and subordinates to
        save your skin in times of trouble for yourself or for the business ?”

        could be worded as

        “A leader should never resort to lies to save his skin in times of trouble”

        which a) makes it dry and unimpactful and b) more importantly, it debases human intelligence by assuming that the telling of such basic truths is required. In my view, everyone knows it. In order to facilitate an internally desired change, one needs to be able to show the result or impact of not following the basic guideline. This, in my view, satire sometimes achieves.

        And, I don’t always stay on the “dark side”. Another book of mine “Some Method Some Madness: Managing BPO in India” is a dry, humourless description of the BPO business!

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