Becoming a Leader (Part 12)


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    Phil Gapp Reply

    Thanks for sharing this Calvin! We have learned from Tim Ferris in the 4-hour Work Week to set just a couple important action items for each day, not an endless checklist. This has really boosted our motivation and energy, helped us to realize success every day, and decreased the stress and anxiety of always having too much to get done!

    The validation and tips regarding motivation/energy are inspirational – I’m off to do my 2-3 tasks.

    – Phil Gapp, CEO, Galactic Edge Innovative

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      Gary B Cohen Reply


      What do you find consistently on your list? How do you know or evaluate the importance of each?

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        Phil Gapp Reply

        Sorry for the late reply, thankfully we don’t have many recurring to-do’s (apart from writing proposals, phone calls, etc). We use the SCRUM software life cycle ( to determine the importance) of our daily tasks.

        This way we also create and maintain a backlog of long-term goals, and our communication as a team is both high-quality and frequent. Our problem lately is scheduling conflicts which prevent our daily SCRUM process. Hopefully as we grow, having organized teams with leaders driving each, this life cycle will thrive within the organization to allow us more flexible schedules.

        I’m curious why you asked….

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