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    Overcoming Obstacles

    5 Ways to Overcome Obstacles

    Obstacles seem untimely, unfair, and unavoidable, but are they? Here are 5 ways to overcome obstacles.

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    Executive Coaching Types

    7 Executive Coaching Types

    From Therapeutic to Performance As executive coaching continues to expand, the field is shifting away from a therapeutic model to a greater emphasis on business performance, leadership, and communication. Coaching has already changed significantly since it emerged barely 15 years ago. Coaches initially came from psychology or counseling, and their mission was to solve a […]

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    Executive Coaching

    10 Frequent Misconceptions About Executive Coaching

    Despite the growing popularity of executive coaching, common misconceptions persist. These misconceptions revolve around the nature of the work executive coaches do and the results they’re expected to achieve. It’s time to uproot the most persistent and pernicious of these misconceptions. 10 Frequent Misconceptions About Executive Coaching:  “I don’t have issues and don’t need executive […]

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    Overcoming Betrayal at Work

    7 Steps for Stopping Betrayal at Work

    Betrayal at Work Betrayal is a violation of trust, which is why it feels so gut-wrenchingly awful and can come as such a shock. We often don’t or can’t see it coming. And we’re often left flatfooted in terms of how to deal with it. Our anger or resentment may cause us to want to […]

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    Rethinking Leadership

    Rethinking Leadership Infographic

    Rethinking Leadership Infographic was developed by Sammi Cohen. To develop your own infographic, reach out to Sammi Cohen. Rethinking Leadership In working with leaders, I have found asking questions is a sorely undervalued technique. Many equate asking questions with losing power, looking like a fool, or admitting defeat. Some believe that asking questions will simply waste […]

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    Productivity Killer

    Karpman’s Drama Triangle: Gossip Kills Productivity

    Being a rescuer can feed one’s ego. Eliminating drama triangles, though, leads to increased accountability—far better for leaders than a brief ego boost.

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    Limiting Beliefs

    9 Limiting Beliefs to Avoid

    These 9 limiting beliefs will hold you back from leading life that you desire and deserve.

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    Focus on the goal

    Four Goal-Setting Questions

    Four Goal-Setting Questions Here are four critical goal-setting questions to ask:               What do you want?               When do you want it?               What are you willing to give up getting it? Yes, I know that is only three questions, and no I don’t have a problem with math. But the fourth question, if uncovered […]

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    5 -15 Report

    5-15 Report: The Report for People Who Have No Time for Reports

    The 5-15 reports is a simple concept. The report should take no more than 5 minutes to read and no more than 15 minutes to write.

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    Business Model Generation

    Business Model Generation

    Business Model Generation caught my eye in a book store in December – It is rare I find myself in book stores anymore given how many books are sent to me as a blogger and my preference in reading on Kindle or IPad. I think it was the graphic design of the book that first caught my eye. When I began thumbing through it I did what most readers do according to research, looked at the cover, identified the author, looked at endorsements, scanned forward then began on the first chapter. I could see there was something new about this book and how the authors thought about business models. It was clear that Business Model Generation was a book for visionaries, game changers, and challengers.

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    Value Ball

    Don’t Drop the Values Ball

    When reviewing values, we ask employees to provide a narrative of each of the values they’ve seen in action. Some companies have taken the best of these stories and published them for all the employees; they give a copy to new employees, too, so that they know what it looks like to put these values into behaviors.

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    Emotional IQ and EQ Infographic

    Emotional IQ Infographic

    Your emotional IQ is determined by the level of your emotional intelligence. It’s a major factor in your personal and professional perceptions and interactions. Find out just how important it really is!

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    Coaching in a Vacuum vs. Coaching with Context

    Coaching in a Vacuum vs. Coaching with Context

    Coaches should help you devise organizational strategies that fit your competencies, capabilities, and capacity. Further, coaches should help you assess and establish the roles and responsibilities of each team member as you seek to accomplish the strategy’s actions and objectives. Coaches can and should help you capture, communicate, and even shape your organization’s culture, too.

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    Leadership Lesson from an Off-Road Champion Driver

    If you are the one driving the organization, limit the hairpin turns in strategy, vision, or mission. Your helmet may be screwed into the car, but your coworkers’ helmets aren’t. Don’t give them whiplash.

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    success is never a solo act

    Success Is Never a Solo Act

    Success is never a solo act, except in the imaginations of narcissists. Recognize those that came before you and those who are with you now.

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    Leadership Vision Test: How does your vision work?

    Leadership Vision Test: How does your vision work?

    Your eye translates signals via rods and cones to the optic nerve. In general, there are far more rods on the periphery of your retina and a much higher concentration of cones in the central fovea. Rods help us detect motion and see in the dark. Cones allow us to see color and have high-resolution […]

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    Thinking Fast

    Thinking Fast, While Executing Slowly

    Thinking Fast as an Entrepreneur Entrepreneurial leaders are open-minded, energetic, and always questioning. They ask: How can we do it better? Where should we go from here? What is preventing us from taking action, and how can it be overcome? Couldn’t we do this and that? These questions lead to millions of ideas, and entrepreneurial […]

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    Jobs at risk for automation

    47% of US Jobs at Risk for Automation

      Jobs at risk for automation An Oxford University study conducted by Carl Benedikt Frey and Michael A. Osborne suggests that 47 percent of US jobs are at high risk due to computerization; they could be replaced in the next decade or two. This study was based on a detailed study of 702 occupations, and […]

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