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Executive Coaching Tip: Are employees people or objects?

are employees people or objects

People are our best assets!

One of the most over-used lines in business is, “our people are our best assets.” It is catchy and embraces a point of view. People are as important–no, make that more important–than other less touchy-feely assets (unless you’re in the plush toy business.) But are employees people or objects?

It also slides you mentally into a single category. This inducement may not work out as well as the writer of this quote intended.

When you put multiple ideas or things under a single category you will have a tendency to create larger blind spots for you as a leader. You may explore fewer options and treat those items in a single asset class the same and if you did that you would be ignoring all you have learned about motivating people. People are complex, individual, multidimensional and can not be seen simply as an asset to the business. How are you doing at opening up your view to see your human asset as people?

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