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Becoming a Leader (Part 2)

Becoming a Leader

5 Step Personal Improvement Process

Becoming a Leader:  Challenge #1–Humility in your success

Humility:  a modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance; not believing that you are superior to somebody else.

In the famous words of Charles Schwab:  ”I am hearty in my approbation and lavish in my praise.”  Schwab counted as his greatest asset his ability to arouse enthusiasm in other people because of his humility.

Becoming a Leader:  Talent #1–Awareness of self and others

Like an iceberg, what lies below the surface is significantly greater than what can be seen by you and others.  Awareness (the state or ability to perceive; to feel; to be conscious of events, objects, and patterns) is a talent that can be learned and strengthened.

First, develop your awareness of you. What are your values and beliefs? Think of a value as a non-negotiable–something you rarely, if ever, compromise. What makes you uniquely who you are? How do you judge yourself?

Second, let others think for themselves.  Ask empowering, open-ended questions.  Solicit feelings, emotions, and ideas from others.  This helps you build your awareness of their value and values.


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About the Author

Calvin has nearly three decades of executive and leadership experience. He is a former Air Force officer where he directed the Air Force Oil Analysis Program, the B-1 Bomber flight simulator modification program, and the design and integration of the Advanced Cruise Missile Variant. His executive leadership includes Director of the Rochester Merrill Lynch office and Vice President of Investment Services at Think Mutual Bank. Calvin Guyer Full Bio

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