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Becoming a Leader (Part 11)

5 Step Personal Improvement Process

Becoming a Leader:  Challenge #10–Get 360° Feedback

We have touched on using criticism to the best of your ability and improving your reaction to criticism. Sometimes it’s important to seek out criticism–and not just from the same old sources. If you’re serious about improving your self-awareness and Emotional Intelligence, get a 360.

360° feedback allows you to see the gap between where you think you are and where others see you showing up on a daily basis. Some 360s involve just your immediate work circle–your boss, peers, team members. Others include customers and work-related contacts outside your organization. The most complete 360s, however, reach even further. They seek input from people on nonprofit boards where you serve, people in an affinity group, friends, your spouse.

Before you can close the gap between where you think you are and where others see you show up, you need to know where the gap is. That’s what 360s are for.

Becoming a Leader:  Talent #10–Watch for Patterns and Trends

Wayne Gretzky is unarguably the greatest hockey player to ever play the game. At retirement he had 2,857 points (over 1000 more than the next player). The following quote reveals the key to his success: “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.”

Gretzky could see and adapt to trends and patterns on the ice. Great professional quarterbacks do the same. They know the bad habits in the pass coverage of their opposition and take full advantage of the opportunities. This ability comes from studying films of previous games and looking for places to adapt the field of play to their advantage.

Watch for and adapt to patterns and trends. Anticipate where the puck is going next.

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About the Author

Calvin has nearly three decades of executive and leadership experience. He is a former Air Force officer where he directed the Air Force Oil Analysis Program, the B-1 Bomber flight simulator modification program, and the design and integration of the Advanced Cruise Missile Variant. His executive leadership includes Director of the Rochester Merrill Lynch office and Vice President of Investment Services at Think Mutual Bank. Calvin Guyer Full Bio

  • ankurmithal

    While all that you say makes eminent sense, the question of “how” remains.

    Here is a different (irreverent) look at leadership qualities:

    • Gary B Cohen

      I spent some time on your site. I thought I was provocative. How do you stop from staying only on the dark side?

      • ankurmithal

        Thank you for visiting the site. Not sure what you mean by the “dark side”. If you are referring to the satirical language, I see it as a technique to get a point across.
        For instance, in the post I linked, the line

        “1. Are you willing to lie shamelessly to your colleagues and subordinates to
        save your skin in times of trouble for yourself or for the business ?”

        could be worded as

        “A leader should never resort to lies to save his skin in times of trouble”

        which a) makes it dry and unimpactful and b) more importantly, it debases human intelligence by assuming that the telling of such basic truths is required. In my view, everyone knows it. In order to facilitate an internally desired change, one needs to be able to show the result or impact of not following the basic guideline. This, in my view, satire sometimes achieves.

        And, I don’t always stay on the “dark side”. Another book of mine “Some Method Some Madness: Managing BPO in India” is a dry, humourless description of the BPO business!

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