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"By asking the right questions (sometimes the ‘tough’ questions), CO2 Partners will help you generate ideas, plans, and contacts. I highly recommend them for their expertise, insights, and questions."

- Corey Sauer
Founder & CEO, Which Way Studios

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CO2 Partners offers our visitors and clients with a continuous stream of information and resources regarding new ideas for managing your business. Check out our blog and archive of monthly newsletters to learn more about how you can drive results and inspire creative thinking within your organization.

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Coaching in a Vacuum vs. Coaching with Context
Published on 01/19/2015

Leadership Lesson from an Off-Road Champion Driver
Published on 12/01/2014

Success Is Never a Solo Act
Published on 11/26/2014

Leadership Vision Test: How does your vision work?
Published on 11/25/2014

Thinking Fast, While Executing Slowly
Published on 11/13/2014

47% of US Jobs at Risk for Automation
Published on 11/11/2014

The Eulogy Exercise
Published on 11/07/2014

We Shall Not Cease From Exploration – T.S. Elliot
Published on 11/06/2014

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