Employee Engagement + Leadership = Business Results (Part 2)


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    Mark Stamper Reply

    This is so spot on. I current teach a Principle of Management course at a college and also work as a consultant and internal coach for a fortune 500 company. Both worlds espouse the things you are talking about. Our business culture and greater environment is evolving that way, but I still see a challenge, more of a barrier. The focus seems to be on the lower needs in the hierarchy. It’s not that everyone does not acknowledge the needs at the top, but it gets counter intuitive in that there is a disconnect in getting there. So everyone, including so called enlightened leaders, say they want self-actualization and want to foster that, but the priorities for the levels below that get the focus, often at the expense of going beyond those.

    Well done in bringing light and context to what I think is a key area of leadership. I am going to add this book to my list of books I desire to read.

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      Calvin Guyer Reply

      Thank you for you kind words. If you post content I would be very interested in learning from you also. Feel free to contact me directly at cguyer@co2partners.com or via LinkedIn.

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