Reaching the Heights and Enjoying the Climb

The joys and pressures of entrepreneurship are like nothing else on earth. We know. We’ve been there.¬†Because of this, we’ve been able to provide the entrepreneur coaching services Minneapolis start-ups – and many of your peers – have relied on for years, empowering them to grow their businesses and enrich their lives.

Is coaching right for you?

It is if you:

  • Feel like you have to “do it all, so can’t delegate”
  • Micromanage, when you do manage to delegate
  • Don’t trust your executive team, feel like you have to push them to achieve
  • Find yourself telling more often than asking
  • Are having trouble sleeping
  • Don’t have a personal life anymore

Don’t lose yourself in your business; with CO2 Partners’ leadership coaching services, Minneapolis entrepreneurs can truly have it all.

We’ll help you exhale and thrive. Let’s talk.

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Who You’ll Work With

Gary B. Cohen

Gary specializes in consulting with Entrepreneurs and CEO’s. As a former entrepreneur and skilled businessman, he brings a unique spirit to the job: curiosity, unquenchable optimism, business acumen, and deep experience.

Gary’s Bio ¬†Work We’ve Done with Entrepreneurs

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