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"Our company was a fast-growing, entrepreneurial-based business that had started to grow out of control and needed structure. Gary helped us firmly establish our mission, vision, and objectives; define and build an accountable culture; hire a President & VP of Finance who fit perfectly in that culture; and create a 3-5 year strategic plan. More than anything, I love the fact that Gary works with us in a way that allows us to answer our own questions and, therefore, better prepares us for the future. It has been a remarkable time in our company, and I am convinced we would not be here today had we not met Gary Cohen!"

- Rick Gilbert
Chairman & CEO, 247 Express Logistics

Executive Coaching - leadership training

Our Approach: Elevating Leaders, Aligning Teams, Engaging Organizations, Improving Results

You and your situation are unique—so we don’t come to you with a one-size fits all process, program or system.

Instead, we become your partner in achieving rapid and sustainable return on investment. We ask the tough questions in a safe, positive environment. We explore your situation with you. Open up new possibilities. Help you see golden opportunities and tough problems from a different perspective. And we enable you to gain the skills and courage to lead your organization to optimal growth.

Why CO2 Partners? Our Company and Our Name

CO2 Partners was founded by Gary Cohen to help CEOs, entrepreneurs and executives achieve their highest and best—so they thrive both professionally and personally.

We believe that great leaders use questions to set direction. They put the right people in the right positions. They ensure that resources are allocated to the highest priority. And they engage their people to maximize results by stretching beyond assumed limitations.

And our name? As you get climb closer and closer to the peak of a mountain, the air becomes rich in CO2. And that’s our territory—where we guide and support you with the resources you need to reach the top

Our Coaches: Expertise Tested by Real-World Experience

Our coaches have decades of experience facing the kinds of challenges that you’re facing right now. They combine that experience with rich knowledge about growing leaders and businesses.

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Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image