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"After reading Just Ask Leadership, I knew I needed to work with CO2 Partners. It’s paid off handsomely. CO2 helped me save $1M dollars in the first year! By letting go of my ego, taking risks, managing by objective, and asking the right questions, my leadership team had a new sense of autonomy and enthusiasm to explore the possibilities, be more creative, and discover game-changing ideas. They exceeded my expectations and now are asking more questions of their subordinates. It’s infectious—this Just Ask Leadership thing!"

Larry Oeffinger
Director of IT, Biotechnology Industry (former)

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Leadership Training

Your guide only shows you the way. It's up to you to make the climb.

Many “solo” climbers on Mt. Everest actually bring sherpas with them all the way to the summit. Likewise, you can benefit from relying on a guide on your journey toward higher goals.

To meet the demands and requests of our clients we have created the Summit Push leadership training. This model is one that has proven itself time and again over the past twenty-five years. This training is ideal for organizations that want to increase bench strength, accelerate development of “high potentials” and develop individual leader capabilities.

It’s not a “sit and soak” experience. You will roll up your sleeves and...

  • Learn what your core values are as a leader
  • Define what leadership is to you
  • Learn to blend confidence & uncertainty to maximize your team
  • Leading through “Ask Don’t Tell” Leadership
  • Leadership through a vision built by questions
  • Leadership by instilling trust
  • Leadership by empowering others
  • Leadership by inspiring and motivating others
  • Leadership by leading and not doing
  • Walk away with more endurance, courage, decisiveness, and vision!

The Summit Push leadership training model has proven especially beneficial for such organizations as:

  • Business & Corporations
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Educational organizations
  • Governmental organizations
  • Nonprofit organizations

Also, introduced are keys from the Ask Don’t Tell Leadership model. Participants will learn the Art of The Question.

  • Asking the right questions
  • Understand the types of questions
  • Understanding the flow of questions
  • How to listen and act after the questions been asked
  • Lead with questions, not answers

As a life-long entrepreneur who worked with many coaches and consultants over the years, I know how important it is for the person who is being coached to see the value of the experience. My goal is to make sure you gain a rapid return on your investment. That return pays off both personally and within your business.

To maximize your own capabilities and to learn more about executive coaching and business coaching, call 612-928-4747 for a risk-free consultation or Contact Online. We’ll start by talking about your needs and determining if CO2 coaching is a good fit for you.

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image