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"Our company was a fast-growing, entrepreneurial-based business that had started to grow out of control and needed structure. Gary helped us firmly establish our mission, vision, and objectives; define and build an accountable culture; hire a President & VP of Finance who fit perfectly in that culture; and create a 3-5 year strategic plan. More than anything, I love the fact that Gary works with us in a way that allows us to answer our own questions and, therefore, better prepares us for the future. It has been a remarkable time in our company, and I am convinced we would not be here today had we not met Gary Cohen!"

- Rick Gilbert
Chairman & CEO, 247 Express Logistics

Manufacturing Focus

Extensive Experience in the Manufacturing Sector

While CO2’s patented approach—Just Ask Leadership—works for leaders across industries, we are particularly attuned to concerns and opportunities for those working in the manufacturing sector. Our clients make household appliances, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, contact lenses, PC boards, surge protectors, and much more. These products are developed and revised with collaboration among marketing, sales, engineering, and operations departments. With so many moving parts—literally and figuratively—a lot can go wrong.

Manufacturers often encounter the following problems:

  • Line inefficiency with pull systems
  • Work flow disruptions as a result of raw material shortages
  • Tradeoffs between job design and process efficiency
  • Lack of focus on vision, values, and mission
  • Miscommunication between and among teams 

At CO2, we understand challenges that arise from the concurrent development of product and process, and the importance of good leadership in this environment. CO2 helps manufacturing leaders more effectively plan and then implement their plans. We work with leaders to ensure alignment among the strategy, culture, values, systems, and people. To this end, we offer three high-quality services:

  • Executive Coaching ensures that executives, managers, and supervisors are able to meet today's and tomorrow's challenges. We build on strengths and identify gaps in leadership skills and work with individuals to help them function optimally.
  • Leadership Team Development addresses the need for leaders to learn the skills to drive and manage people and processes. We address interactions and dependencies and how well team members support each other and how teams support other teams. We look at strengths and challenges to identify gaps and inconsistencies.
  • Strategic Planning starts with your company's values: Are they consistent with your organization's structure and systems? If not, what needs to change? Are your messages consistent with your behaviors as an organization?

Our manufacturing clients have reported the following results:

  • Great executive effectiveness
  • Improved communication
  • Better team dynamics
  • Greater focus moving forward
  • Increased ownership of outcomes
  • More empowerment of frontline workers to make sound decisions

At CO2, we understand the culture and needs of manufacturers, and we offer the tools needed to excel at the individual, team, and organizational level. We’ll help you find the right answers by asking all the right questions.

Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image