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"While I honestly wasn't conscious of it, Gary's notion of 'leading by asking' nicely captures my own style. This approach creates a more collegial attitude, it opens dialogue and shows respect for those who are closer to and have responsibility for the issues. In many cases it is also appropriate because each generation seems to be smarter than the last. As a tool, Gary's book can raise everyone's awareness of the social and intellectual power of asking rather than telling."

- Captain James A. Symonds
USS Ronald Reagan
Nimitz class aircraft carrier

Executive Coaching

Strategic Planning Services

Executive Coaching is not all we do!

Everyone knows how difficult it is to find direction when you don't know where you are…and even more difficult when you don't know where you are going. Many companies, large and small, new and seasoned focus on executing day-to-day tasks without the time to consider either. This is most likely the result of a combination of heads down hard work, poor communication, and/or a lack of planning.

CO2 helps organizations more effectively plan their future paths. We can do this in the following ways:

1. Business Plans - We will help you develop and effective business plan that will take your start-up to the next level. Whether you are seeking financing, or strategic direction, we have the time and resources to develop your specific action plan.

2. Strategic Plans - CO2 will take you through the steps to jump-start or keep your organization moving in the right direction. We believe an annual focus on your strategic direction will lend volumes to the success of your organization. While we will lead your organization through the process, our facilitation skills will be the main driver. We trust the members of the organization to provide the answers to all of the key questions. We will identify these with you and help you get there.

3. Strategy Consulting - We also offer strategy-consulting services for long and short-term projects ranging from hiring issues and employee motivation to pricing and marketing. We will listen to your needs, map out a plan and go from there. We believe good communication is the hallmark of what we do.

Executive Coaching - Organizational Coaching Minneapolis

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Please contact us with questions or for more information on any of these services. We look forward to helping you meet your strategic needs.


Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image