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"Dr. Doreen Frankel has served as an invaluable resource to me, a former public school superintendent, currently navigating the post-retirement transition from public service to new professional opportunities in the private sector. Dr. Frankel has helped me gain insight and perspective, and establish both immediate and long-term goals and objectives.Together, we shaped a plan of action that incorporates my previous years of professional experience into a realistic, challenging, and promising vision for the future."

- Dr. Faron L. Hollinger
President/CEO, Akribos Consulting Group, Inc.
Board Chair, Board of School Superintendents

Executive Coaching

Team Building Training

Your guide only shows you the way. It's up to you to make the climb.

Every organization with two or more members is a system. Within a system, each individual is connected, directly or indirectly, to every other individual. As the number of members increases, the web of connections becomes more and more complex. Because of the systemic nature of a company or organization, any new individual necessarily impacts every other individual.

One of the most powerful tools a leader has is the ability to influence an organization's culture. When a leader fires an employee, or hires a new one, a message is sent regarding both the leader's values and the organization's standards.

As a leader today, you must decentralize the power and authority. With leadership opportunities, your employees will find personal meaning in the work they do. And they will do it well, provided you meet their needs. Your challenge—accommodating leaders on all levels of the organization—is daunting, maybe even terrifying. How do you align each employee’s needs with the needs of the organization? With so many leaders, so much independence, will chaos be far behind?

Not necessarily. Not if you build in some safeguards. It’s important to understand that total independence is often desired, but not always healthy. Individualism can lead to a sense of helplessness, and this helplessness can lead to depression. Despite fiercely independent childhood heroes like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, we want and need to be part of something greater than ourselves. We want the support of a community.

Authentic leadership requires allowing everyone to lead at times, but to instill one cohesive purpose, so that these leaders will work together and move in one overarching direction. For each and every project, ask yourself, “How does this contribute to our organization’s mission, vision, goals, and values?” Ask the same of your direct reports. And have them ask the same of their direct reports.

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Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image