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"I was skeptical that a coach could help me do any better than I had already done myself, but the work I’ve done with Gary and CO2 has been life-changing and positive in a way that I couldn’t have imagined previously."

- Ken Clark
Chairman & CEO, 1-800-Translate

Executive Resources

Below are a selection of links to valuable Executive Travel Resources and other interesting links. Any and all feedback regarding these resources significantly helps us deliver valuable content.

Our Values Assessment has become surprisingly popular. Follow the step-by-step instructions to evaluate your leadership values. We think you will be surprised by the results!

Executive Travel Resources

Our collection of travel links will be your companion for all your travel needs. Our executive coaches travel extensively - we know how tough travel can be... That's why we have compiled a handy list of all the travel web pages that we use. Take a look and we think you will find the information very valuable.

Executive Resource Phone Numbers

Do you ever wish you had one central place to go for the phone numbers you use while on the road? We have compiled the resource phone numbers in our Rolodex and posted it in one place.

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