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"Gary has the unique ability to focus in and pinpoint the actual issue at hand—the one that lurks below the surface-level symptoms. By being able to accurately articulate the issue, the resolution(s) seem a lot more clear."

Amy Langer and John Folkestad
Co-founders, SALO

Just Ask Leadership Assessment

What Is A “Just Ask Leadership Assessment” And Why Is It Important To Me?

These two frequently asked questions go hand-in-hand and form the foundation of what makes Gary Cohen’s “Just Ask” methodology so unique.   First and foremost, what sets Just Ask Leadership apart from any other leadership training is its core beliefs:

We Don’t Tell You How You Should Be. We Help You Uncover Who You Are.

That’s a huge difference.  By the time you’ve assumed a leadership role, the die is cast in terms of your DNA.   You are who you are and it’s folly to try to change that.  And we don’t even try.

Unlike most other leadership assessment tools that try to “mold” you into the “right” way to be, we dig deeper to find out what makes you tick.  What your strengths are and how to translate those strengths into high caliber, effective leadership skills.  And to discover challenges that might be impeding otherwise significant progress. Put simply, we help you become a better leader in your own skin using your own skill set and unique strengths.

Just Ask Leadership Assessments Can Help You Channel Your Strengths And Overcome Your Challenges.

If you’re interested in leadership training at all, you already recognize that there is room for improvement in the tone, tenor and manner in which you lead.   And our experts have worked for years with executives in a wide range of positions and industries to build new ways to help them become outstanding leaders in their own right.  We’ve seen just about everything and apply that deep expertise to help you in your personal and professional quest to be the very best leader you can be.  It usually involves making changes:

  • You may very well have challenges in your professional style (and perhaps   you personal delivery) that need to be tailored for more effective results. 
  • You may have untapped core strengths that can be better channeled to  become a more effective communicator … and therefore a stronger leader.
  • You might need to rethink your approach to problem solving and personal relationships when forming teams and planning strategies for success.  

The Just Ask Leadership Assessment can tap into those hidden strengths and uncover many new opportunities for positive change.

Choose From Four Different Assessment Tools Designed To Map
Your Leadership Style And Identify Key Areas For Change.

We realize a “one size fits all” strategy for growth is simply untenable … and ineffective.   Executives have varying needs and over the years we have discovered our Assessment strategy can be divided into four key areas, which are outlined below.

But no matter how involved, the key purpose of all of these assessments is to provide insights on natural leadership tendencies and how they add to or detract from leadership effectiveness.  At the end of the day Just Ask is easy to learn and use.  Its approach helps leaders ask the right questions ~ at the right times ~ to fully engage everyone on the team and maximize individual contribution and organizational success.

  1. Uncover The Blind Spots
    Our basic free Just Ask Leadership Assessment™ is offered in   conjunction with the book Just Ask Leadership by Gary B. Cohen( published by McGraw Hill).  This personal assessment will give you what we call your Just Ask Number™.  This ranking helps reveal your readiness to become a Just Ask Leader and provides insights on blind spots that most leaders rarely see in themselves.
  1. Learn Why Style Matters
    Our second assessment digs a little deeper and provides greater insights not only on your readiness to lead through questions, you’re your current style of leadership.  Again, this personal assessment tool helps you see how your style is affecting your ability to lead.
  1. Get A 360° View Of Your Style
    Just taking either of the first two assessments will help you on the road to becoming a better leader.  But in order to truly make progress, you need to have input from others.  That’s where our 360° View Assessment Tool can be invaluable. This approach is based CO2 Partners’ PEAK model.  First, leaders and five key reports complete a brief, online assessment that captures critical inputs of individual communication style and the extent to which leaders engage their teams to achieve outstanding outcomes.  It will be honest and objective … and perhaps not entirely flattering at all times.  But it is CRITICAL input for those who truly desire improvement. You’ll learn how your peak style shows up in your organizational life and how those around you are affected by it. You’ll gain a clearer picture of where you stand.  Through a better view of your strengths as well as your shortcomings, a more complete and well-rounded profile will emerge to serve as a solid foundation for positive change.
  1. Do The Deep 360° Dive.
    Our fourth assessment provides a 360° view that includes self-assessment and input from coworkers AND delves deeply into each aspect of your Just Ask Number and every component within your PEAK Leadership Style™.  This is the ideal assessment tool for those who genuinely want to dissect the component parts of their assessments.  If you’ve engaged—or plan to engage—a coach, we highly recommend this fantastic option.

Contact Us Today And Learn How The Just Ask Leader Assessments Can Help You:

  • Understand your leadership style
  • Discover how to ask the right question in the right situation to achieve better
  • Realize how communication influences leadership trust and effectiveness
  • Adjust the one mindset that has the greatest influence on your success
  • Increase motivation and ability to lead better in any situation
  • Extend and maximize the effectiveness of Just Ask Leadership as outlined
    in Gary Cohen’s new book Just Ask Leadership
  • Focus your personal leadership coaching
  • Manage lasting change through a self-driven development tool
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