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"Gary's business success is matched by his compassion in service to others. With the help of Gary and CO2, you can be ‘Outward Bound’ to high performance and personal leadership."

- John Read
President, Outward Bound

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Dear Visitors,

The last thing I want to do is to be part of the SPAM world. To be sensitive to this I have committed myself to providing newsletters that carry no promotion. I do not promote my services only my thinking on leadership. I do not promote anyone else's services only their thinking on leadership. If I review a book I am not compensated for the review. If you are not familiar with our newsletter now is your chance to see what we are all about.

Take some time to expand your vision and check out one of our past newsletters. I am confident that you will find information that is helpful and insightful.

Best Regards,

Gary Cohen

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Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image