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"I have been working with Gary since mid-2006. He has helped advance my career from service leadership to sales and marketing leader and most recently to GM. Not only has Gary prepared me to expand into these roles, but he has helped me perform well in each role. I would recommend Gary to anyone looking to improve their leadership capabilities, or looking to advance their career."

- Mike Odom
General Manager, Thermo Fisher

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What To Expect

In this engaging presentation, you’ll learn to:

  • Make faster, clearer and more consistent decisions
  • Align team members with the organization’s vision and mission
  • Build unity and cooperation within the organization
  • Increase retention of high‐achieving team members
  • Ask questions that inspire, not intimidate
  • Energize the organization
  • Increase team/company performance
  • Lessen the need to dictate and solve others’ problems
  • Create exceptional leaders in all ranks of the organization

The "Show"

This is no "sit and soak" experience; attendees take an active part in lively discussions. Gary’s high‐energy presentation stirs participants to a level of engagement rarely seen with other presenters:

  • Interactive audience response technology (by Turning Point Technologies)
  • Thought‐provoking questions
  • Real‐time answers.

Leadership doesn’t use a script; neither does Gary. That’s why no two presentations are exactly alike. He mixes it up and keeps it interesting for that specific audience. This format is perfect for Gary’s up‐front, walk‐around style. At the same time, he puts people at ease with his authenticity and sense of humor… so they’re truly ready to learn.

Fully Customizable

Leadership is all about perspective, both broad and narrow. That’s why Gary’s presentation is designed to accommodate the depth, content and timeframe your organization needs. Content can be customized from a one‐hour keynote to a more in‐depth working session of up to 3 hours. Or, arrange a comprehensive one or two day workshop on "Just Ask Leadership." Whatever the format, participants will enjoy Gary’s rich and vast treasure of stories from the trenches: his own and those of his clients.

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For more information, call 612-928-4747 or Contact Us Online.


Executive Coaching and Business Coaching Image